Hatimura archaeological Temple site

Being one of the holiest rivers in the world, it was quite natural that temples were built along the Brahmaputra’s banks, especially in the medieval era.

Architectural grandeurs that stand as witness to a glorious past, they are must-visits today. So, if you are crossing Jakhalabandha (45 kms to & from Kaziranga) during the day, definitely take a five kilometeres detour off NH-37 to the Hatimura Archaeological Temple Site. Built on a hillock, 80-90 comfortable steps up, the temple is surrounded by the river on three sides, offering a panoramic vista of the countryside and a striking rock-cut figure of dasabhuja (ten hands) Durga. There, find a stone inscription in the antarala of the temple, a rock-cut chaturbhuja Ganesha at the foot of the hill and, most interestingly, feel the vibes of a legend that the site carries.

It is said that travelling upstream on the Brahmaputra, Ahom king Swargadeo Pramatta Singha once rescued a beautiful girl who was desperately trying to keep afloat. When the boat neared Hatimura Hill, the girl signaled to be let ashore; but the boatmen were unable to moor and continued on the journey. The girl then began to dance frenziedly, prompting the enraged king to have her thrown back into the water. Later, the girl—none other than Goddess Durga—appeared in the king’s dream and told him to build a temple over the ruins of an old stone temple and house idols which would be found lying on the river bed at the spot where she had started dancing. Soon, a temple was built and the idols of Durga, Ganesh and Shiva recovered from underwater. While the idol of Durga and the Shiva linga was taken up the hill, that of Ganesha was installed at the foothill.

When in the area, drive to the Kamakhya temple near the river port Silghat (10 km away)—temple was built by Swargadeo Pramatta Singha (C.E. 1744-1751) known as second Kamakhya Temple of Assam. And from the river bank here, on a clear day, soak in splendid views of the eastern Himalayan ranges.

Postscript: The Assam Co-operative Jute Mills Ltd in Silghat is the only jute mill in the country in co-operative sector.  

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