October 2022

Dikchak – A Stone’s Throw Away: A Rural Retreat

Sonapur, located just 35 kms from Guwahati, is a popular food-trail with recreational activities. Predominantly inhabited by Karbis, one of the most numerous and homogeneous of the many Tibeto-Burman tribes inhabiting Assam, it is also home to Bodos, Tiwas and many other communities, indicating that it is a melting pot of diverse cultures. Dikchak, a […]

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Textile Tour

Assam is a great destination for savouring a host of experiences, with handicraft and handloom topping the list. Visits to village homes where weaving is a part of the homestead’s lifestyle is now integral part of tours in the state. It is fascinating to watch looms go clickety-click and threads weave into colourful patterns while

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North Guwahati Glimpses of Archaeology

In North Guwahati, one finds history at every turn. About 25 km from Guwahati, once known as Durjaya, it was the capital of ancient Kamarupa. With river Brahmaputra skirting along the east, it is also known as Raja-Duar or King’s Gate. Besides several architectural vestiges, including inscriptions—each a masterpiece of our ancient heritage and civilization—North

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In Assam, bell metal products are as ubiquitous as bamboo handicrafts. The second-largest handicraft of Assam, bell metal items and artifacts catch one’s attention because of how unique they appear to the eye. An alloy of copper and tin, bell metal, unlike bronze, has higher content of tin and hence, it is preferred by the

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