The Road Trip: Ranthali, Ouguri and

Road trips through rural Assam are happy experiences. The scenic beauty is something you can never get enough of, and then there are the short and sweet halts when you soak in its rich culture. You are happy on the journey and thus happy at the destination!

The drive from Guwahati to Green Village is one such. Eight kms into the Nagaon bypass you will find the ‘Rantahli’ gate on the left. It smilingly welcomes you to the village that is famed for Axomiya Gohona (Assamese jewelry). One cannot but stop here, if only to admire the gorgeous raw gold-plated jewels with exotic names such as Joon Biri (half-moon), Lokaparo (pair of pigeons), Dhol Piri (Bihu Drum) and more!

Further 60 kms ahead, soon after you cross Misa, look for Pagori-Namghar. Here, turn left off NH 37, to Ouguri—known for its naturally-dye peace silk looms. In this Bodo village, you will see busy silkworms, hear the sound of looms and experience the touch of hospitality. It is charmingly busy as the community goes about their activities—from pre-cocoon to textiles. A great example of sustainable living, Ouguri is where life did not slow even during lockdown.

Thereafter, driving 50 kms onto Balipara Chariali, turn towards Biswanath Chariali and in seven kms off-road to a narrow lane. Soon, you will have reached Green Village. Baligaon Miri, located on the west bank of Jia-Bharali river and inhabited by the Mishing community – ‘the keepers of nature’, was declared ‘Green Village’ by the Indian Green Building Council in 2016. As you walk around, you know why—the freshness of the air is quite heavenly as is watching the women dexterously weaving the most colourful of fabrics with back-straps in mini looms. One can’t help admire Sri Kamison Mili, the village headman whose tenacity led to the plantation of trees and a turnaround for the hamlet’s environs. Worshippers of Donyi (Sun) and Polo (Moon), Mishings are attuned to nature and you sense this as you go birding, boating, and forest bathing. Complete the experience with a Mishing dance and meal that home-stays here offer.

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  1. Thank you Arijit da for introducing me to Ranthali village. We have sent some tourists and they have loved witnessing the Assamese jewelery making process.

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