Bhairabeswari Temple Archaeological Site, Rangia, Kamrup District

Ruins of an ancient stone temple are found scattered, both on the bank of Harhariya Jan  and inside the river bed located at Behbari near Singimari (about 16 kms from Septi Chowk, Rangia).. The temple ruins to be datable to c.10th-11th C.E  (according to Directorate of Archaeology, Government of Assam ).

Nearby the Bhairabeswari temple, there is a large tank which is a dwelling place for seasonal migratory / aquatic birds.

Information courtesy: Department of cultural Affairs, , Government of Assam

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  1. India has over two million shrines and the number increases substantially every year.
    These temples some with unconventional deities, are often associated with interesting stories or myths not many people know. And this is what piques the curiosity of both locals and tourists. Bhairabeswari Temple can evoke interest if a story is built around it. Would like to know more.

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