Dima Hasao– Heaven in the sky

Driving 165 km from BorghatChariali of Nagaon District(GolChakkar , road junction) towards Lanka, you reach Maibong (290 kms from Guwahati), once the capital of Dimasa-Kachari kings. Here, at Stone House, a rock-cut chala type of monolithic hut, you immediately feel the regal era of yore. Beautifully carved on a big granite boulder and dating to the 16th century, situated on the bank of Mahur River, the hut is a temple dedicated to Goddess Ranachandi, the warrior avatar of Gauri, the tutelary deity of the royal house.

Thereafter, about 50 km journey to Haflong is a realm of beautiful vistas. And while traveling by train to Haflong is interesting, that by road is equally splendid. You will pass through reserve forests and animal corridors; each turns of the road a fascinating experience of hill flora. The most enthralling, however, is Jatinga (9 kms before reaching Haflong), one of the world’s most famed attractions for ornithologists. But then Jatinga is not only about birds. It is a land of oranges and pineapples and wonderful peoples. Ethnic Village near Jatinga is the exemplar: a wonderful composition of huts that represent each community of Dima Hasao district, it is a microcosm of the northeast.

Reams have been written on the loveliness of Haflong, but nothing prepares you for the glorious views of clouds moving through Borail hills or even the spectacular sunrises. Topographically the district may be divided into low lying areas, the high hills of eastern and western parts and the plateau areas. For adventure lovers, Dima Hasao district boasts of thrilling terrain and an exceptional heritage of weaving, and in Haflong, a district museum (closed on Mondays & Government Holidays) with a collection of artifacts that range from arms to textiles. Dimasas are expert weavers and majority of house has a daophang (loom) whose credibility in art of weaving is incomparable.

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