Dikchak – A Stone’s Throw Away: A Rural Retreat

Sonapur, located just 35 kms from Guwahati, is a popular food-trail with recreational activities. Predominantly inhabited by Karbis, one of the most numerous and homogeneous of the many Tibeto-Burman tribes inhabiting Assam, it is also home to Bodos, Tiwas and many other communities, indicating that it is a melting pot of diverse cultures.

Dikchak, a quaint little Karbi dominated hamlet, adopted by Sonapur College, tucked away amidst hills is one of the many gems waiting to be discovered in Sonapur. Located only 1.5 kms from NH No. 37, one is welcomed by the soothing sight of a village amidst well forested hills and lush paddy fields. One is instantly transported to a slow village life from the din and bustle of city.

Oral narratives indicate that Dikchak was once known as Be-Hansi village as it was dominated by the Be-Hansi or the Kathar clan of the Karbi tribe. The village is an ideal starting point for many unexplored trekking trails located just a few kms away. These treks are mostly soft and some are also conducive for families with children (preferably above 7 years). These trails take one through orange gardens, waterfalls, gurgling streams, dense jungles, tea gardens and tiny hamlets that give a glimpse of the rural tribal villages of Assam. Located close to the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary, also ideal for resident birding. Interestingly, the community fix a day in a week to clean the village. Mouth-watering traditional cuisine prepared mostly in bamboo cylinders, served with genuine hospitality adds to the charm of a day spent amidst nature in the village.

Adept in weaving and bamboo-cane craft, almost every household is a repertoire of some craft or the other. The community still holds onto their age-old customs and traditional sports, dance, songs, festivals and cuisine. Arrangements can be made to display aspects of Karbi culture for those interested by a group of enthusiastic youths that have come forward to conserve environment and culture through tourism.

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