Kanai Barasi Bowa, North Guwahati

Kanai Barasi Bowa, North Guwahati, an archaeological site protected by Archaeology Department, Assam is basically a rocky outcrop of granitic boulders which contains rock-cut images, inscriptions, engravings and mason marks. The inscriptions are in Assamese and Devangiri Script and is considered to be the earliest specimen of which probably dates back to 1205-06 AD.

The inscriptions hold record of the invasion of Kamrupa by the Turks in 1205 CE. Two other inscriptions are considered to be 17th century and also refer to a battle of Ahom with Mughals. The inscriptions are significant not only in terms of archaeology but also unique identity and development of the Assamese script.

Source: Directorate of Archaeology, Government of Assam.