Deoparvat Achaeological Site, Golaghat District

Deā€”parvat archaeological site is situated on a hillock at numuligarh in Golaghat District. Siva is worshipped as main deity in Deoparvat though the temple has no presiding deity in garbhagriha. The huge ceiling slab measuring 4 x 4m bears beautifully carved visvapadma with double lotus petals. The adhisthana of the garbhagriha of the temple plinth is circular in plan and has six rows of panels depicting different series of vidyadhara, kirttimukha or Kala makara and gajathara. A  vast range of elegantly sculptured blocks of pre Cambrian rocks recalling late Gupta era is found here. The massive door jambs with foliage of drooping petals, encircling creepers with animals and sculptural representation of kirttimukha, kala-makara and panels with carvings of figure depicting episodes from the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, Bhagawata Purana are indicative of growth ofa indigenous art and architectural style at Deoparvat during c. 11th-12th C.E.

Source: Directorate of Archaeology Assam