Aswaklanta Archaeological Site, North Guwahati

The site has two temples of Vishnu and two rock-cut caves facing the river Brahmaputra to these temples, the one which exists at the lower level of the hillock is known as Kurma Janardana temple and at the hilltop is known as Aswaklanta temple of Anantasayi Vishnu temple. Both the temples are erected upon the foundation of two earlier stone temple plinths. Aswaklanta Temple has figures of Astadikpalas and Dasavatara forms of Vishnu on the outer walls and few others in the inner walls of the Mandapa.  (Source: Directorate of Archaeology Assam)

The temple was constructed around 1720 A.D. The temple was damaged in the great earthquake in 1897 and was later repaired under patronage of Lord Kurzon, then Viceroy of India (Source: Internet)

Legends say, when Krishna was searching for Narakasur to kill him, on the way, the horse of Lord Krishna felt tired on the same place where Aswaklanta temple is located. Aswa means ‘horse’ and Klanta means ‘tired in Assamese language. Therefore, the place got the name Aswa-Klanta.